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business branding

Great design isn’t just about making you look good, it’s crafted from serious research and strategy.  We’ll collect visual inspiration that aligns with the feeling you want your design to evoke and gives us a solid foundation to start the design process.


Styled Photography

It is important to be able to showcase your personality and relate to your ideal client through styled images designed to make you stand out. Does my current image match the quality of my business? How will my clients view me? And my services or products?


squarespace website

We get to know you and your business to create a modern, mobile-friendly Squarespace website aimed at your intended audience. I’ll be alongside you to make sure that your launch goes smoothly with Squarespace training to manage your website.


meet the designer

Hi! I’m Edith.


 I am a brand stylist and Squarespace website designer committed to helping women increase their visibility online and refine their brand.

It all started when…

My landscaper asked me to build a website for his business. I was unemployed and had never built a website before in my life but I said YES.

Let's take step back.

After graduation I looked for a job, tirelessly. I didn't apply for anything too ambitious; rather, job listings that contained the word "analyst" and "entry-level."

After many months, I gave up. I decided I would never have the opportunity to grow my business career. Then something unexpected happened: To fill a need, I got the opportunity to open my own business.

Even though the path here has not always been easy, the truth is: I love Entrepreneurs! When I was a little girl, my father always encouraged me to help him; I would sweep the workshop or write a check to a vendor.

Now, I am a business owner myself and I could not imagine doing anything else that didn't involve graphic and web design, photography, or meeting inspiring women! 


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