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Latin Medius is a digital marketing and web design studio based in McKinney, TX. The Hispanic community living in the United States is a robust market full of opportunity. We created this business specifically to advance the professional interests of Hispanic entrepreneurs (and related professionals) through modern web design and digital marketing. Our bilingual agency and our own cross-cultural heritage allows us the unique opportunity to serve both the Spanish-speaking entrepreneur as well as those ready to market their business within the Hispanic community. We specialize in:

  • Brand Identity (Logo design, Collateral Materials, Facebook Banners)
  • Web Design (Custom)
  • Photography (Headshots, Product & Services)
  • Digital Marketing (PPC, SEM, & SMM)



The Hispanic Market


The Hispanic market is growing tremendously. Sadly, too many small to mid-sized businesses overlook the growth potential and fail to benefit from the fact that 75% of Hispanics are avid smartphone users, 73% are active on Facebook, and 66% of U.S. Hispanics say they pay attention to online ads—almost 20 percentage points more than the general online population. 

Translation is not enough. Attracting new clients is about creating cross-cultural web content and developing a targeted, digital marketing strategy. 

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The Entrepreneur


As latino entrepreneurs, we understand the challenges that come from branching out and starting your own business. Language barriers and other hurdles can make it difficult to break into your target market. We work with you to create a unique brand that establishes you as a professional and attracts new customers.

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93% of  Hispanics Use Google


about us

Edith Duarte, Co-founder and CEO 

Edith Duarte, Co-founder and CEO 


Edith Duarte loves working with people. Her focus is to help entrepreneurs successfully brand and market their business to their target audience. See Article in Voyage Dallas. Edith is a graduate of Texas Tech University (Class of 2008) and Texas A & M University - Commerce (Class of 2013). She has a (BA) Bachelor of Arts degree in French and (MBA) Master of Business Administration.


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John Tyra, Co-founder

John Tyra, Co-founder


John Tyra is an Information Technology professional with over 15 years of industry experience in this market segment. He has worked for a variety of IT businesses, from Fortune 500 multinationals to smaller, boutique organizations. During that time, he has engaged in technologies such as: enterprise servers, storage, virtualization, networking, security, and automation. Currently, John supports Latin Medius as an industry consultant and all around "IT Guru" across a wide variety of IT needs.


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